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Photo Permits at the McMichael

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The McMichael Canadian Art Collection has an established practice for allowing wedding photography on its’ 100 acres of grounds.

Each permit is limited to a 2 hour time-block, or any pre-established time period within 2 hours.  A time limit of 30 minutes is designated for each photo site.

Permit Fee

The McMichael Canadian Art Collection has set the fee at $250.00 + HST (total of $282.50) for a 2-hour session.

For McMichael Members the Photo Permit Fee is $200.00 + HST (total of $226.00).
If you would like more information or would like to book a photo permit, please contact our Event Coordinator at 905.893.1121 x 2205 or

** A permit purchased for the McMichael grounds does not include a permit for the Town of Kleinburg.  For information on photo permits for the Town of Kleinburg, please visit

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