Q: How do I get to the Gallery without a car?

A: The nearest public transit stations are Maple GO (a 15 minute taxi ride from the McMichael), and YRT Stop #3365, which drops off right at the end of our driveway. Please check our Directions page for more detailed information, and to use Maps to help navigate from your location.

We will soon be announcing our summer transportation for 2019.

Q: I have a work of art/reproduction/limited edition print that I would like authenticated or appraised. Could you tell me if this work is an original, and if it has any monetary value?

A: As an Agency of the Government of Ontario, McMichael staff are prohibited from evaluating, authenticating, and appraising art. Please contact an accredited art consultant or a fine art auction house for this service. Unfortunately we are unable to recommend appraisers.

Q: I have a work of art that I would like to sell. Is the McMichael interested in purchasing my work, or could it recommend a buyer?

A: We suggest that you approach an accredited art consultant or a fine art auction house for this service. We cannot provide names of private collectors, and we do not purchase works of art in this manner.

Q: What are the ages for your student and senior pricing?

A: If you are 18 or under you are considered a student, and if you are an adult 65 or over then you qualify for senior pricing.

Maud Lewis

June 29, 2019 - January 26, 2020

Robert Houle: Histories

September 14, 2019 - February 23, 2020

Into the Light: Lionel LeMoine FitzGerald

October 12, 2019 - February 17, 2020

Maria Chapdelaine

November 9, 2019 - February 2, 2020