Changing Hands: Art Without Reservation 3




  • Jason Wesaw,  Jason Wesaw (b. 1974), Kalamazoo,Michigan; lives in Mattawan, Michigan, "The Doorway", 2010, Clay, Indigo Bunting feathers, Courtesy of the artist
  • Jordan A. Bennett, Jordan A. Bennett (b. 1986), Stephenville Crossing, Newfoundland; lives in Corner Brook,Newfoundland and Labrador "Re:Appropriating the Wheel", 2012, Mixed media, including found objects and audio, Courtesy of the artist
  • Leah Shenandoah Leah Shenandoah (b. 1981), Syracuse, New York; lives in Oneida, New York, "Stars in Her Hair" (Headpiece), 2009 Sterling silver, feathers, porcupine quills, leather, Courtesy of the artist
  • Michael Massie Michael Massie, b. 1962, Happy Valley–Goose Bay, Labrador; lives in Newfoundland pompositea, 2011 Sterling silver, bloodwood, antler, ebony, Courtesy of Spirit Wrestler Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Mindy Magyar Mindy Laureen Magyar (b. 1975), Mountain Lakes, New Jersey; lives in Washington, DC, "Chair", 2010, Charles Eames Shell chair frame, canvas, cotton and rayon thread, rubber, Courtesy of the artist
  • Skawennati Skawennati (b. 1969), Kahnawake, Quebec; lives in Montreal, Quebec, TimeTraveller™: Episode 05, “Saying Goodbye” 2012 Production still from Machinima on Blu-Ray DVD10 minutes, Courtesy of the artist.
  • Troy Jackson Troy Jackson, b. 1955, Tahlequah, Oklahoma; lives in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, "Putting the Pieces Together", 2011, Clay, mixed media, Courtesy of the artist
  • Wanesia Misquadace Wanesia Misquadace, b. 1971, Cloquet, Minnesota; lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, "Sonny boy’z Harvest Basket", 2010 Birchbark, mixed metals, Lake Superior pebbles, sinew, Courtesy of the artist
Jason Wesaw,  1 Jordan A. Bennett, 2 Leah Shenandoah 3 Michael Massie 4 Mindy Magyar 5 Skawennati 6 Troy Jackson 7 Wanesia Misquadace 8
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