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February 2018

Featured Exhibitions, UPCOMING EXHIBITION

Tukilik, an Inuktitut word defined as a “thing that has meaning”, is an apt title for this exhibition that explores the many meanings and artistic interpretations of inuksuit (plural of inukshuk) of Baffin Island. There are over 60 photographs, drawings, prints, and sculptures from the McMichael Canadian Art Collection including the Norman E. Hallendy Archive.


Inuit artists work in distinctive, innovative styles and combine ivory, bone, antler and horn to great effect. Whale bone, caribou bone, and antler are frequently used for carving by Inuit. For centuries, Inuit have been carving utilitarian objects and decorating their tools with ivory, bone, antler and horn. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, they began creating sculpture for sale outside the community as a source of income. The early works were usually small carvings from walrus ivory representing seals, caribou, polar bears, and birds, as well as small ivory genre scenes of hunting from kayaks, driving dog teams, or skinning seals. Appropriately, these small items are usually referred to as “trade sculptures.” The history of Inuit sculptures as a source of income, types of bone used for specific carvings, and the significance of this art form will be explored in this exhibition.

March 2018


Everything Remains Raw is a photographic exploration of the resilience of hip hop culture and asks why this supposed ‘fad’ has not faded away? Archival photographs, as visual representations of hip hop culture in Canada, guides this exhibition’s exploration on the evolution and longevity of this now global cultural phenomenon.

Photographic works from Michael Chambers, Sheinina Raj, Demuth Flake, Nabil Shash, Patrick Nichols, and Stella Fakiyesi capture the growth of the hip hop scene, as well as the voice, creativity and influence of these artists.

June 2018


Works from the McMichael collection to celebrate the art and science of J.E.H. MacDonald’s artistic practice. McMichael conservator, Alison Douglas, will share the research results from a Canadian Conservation Institute study that created a base line for ‘what makes a MacDonald painting?’ Complete with microscopic photographs, the materials and methods of the artist will be explored in depth, especially in relation to the artist’s predilection for small studies.

October 2018


October 4, 2018 - January 13, 2019

David Milne: Modern Painting

This exhibition will document an artistic career that spanned the first half of the 20th century, bringing together more than ninety works in oil and watercolour, never-before-exhibited photographs and drawings by the artist, and memorabilia collected by Milne during his time in Europe as an official war artist.

“This is a modern artist for the ages, and one of Canada’s best kept secrets.” - Sarah Milroy, co-curator of the exhibition.

November 2018


November 10, 2018 - February 18, 2019

Stephen Andrews: Frames of War

Consciously coinciding with the David Milne exhibition and the centenary of the armistice, this exhibition will focus on surveying Stephen Andrews’ works that deal with images of war, prisoners of war, and the way in which we experience such imagery through the media. Andrews’ works, which are largely pencil crayon on paper, subtly interpret the omissions and misinterpretations of war imagery. A large component of the exhibition will feature the artist’s work from about 2003 through 2006, which deal primarily with the Iraq War. Another component of the show will display his most recent work, which grapples with Vimy Ridge. Just like Milne, Andrews’ war imagery focuses on the aftermath. Not incidentally, Andrews has been a long-time admirer of the work of David Milne.

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