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For the 2017–2018 school year, the McMichael continues to celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial by featuring some of the most revered artists of our country. The school year starts with Passion Over Reason: Tom Thomson and Joyce Wieland, an exhibition that could be considered a love letter to Canada and Tom Thomson, whose passing 100 years ago was just commemorated across Canada.

Drawing of the head of a woman. She has bright pink lips, black hair standing straight up with two strands hanging on either side of her face. She is wearing a necklace.

Annie Pootoogook, (1969 – 2016), Myself in Scotland, 2005/6, coloured pencil and felt tip pen on paper
76.5 × 56.6 cm, Gift from the Christopher Bredt and Jamie Cameron Collection, McMichael Canadian Art Collection, 2016.10.6

Opening this September and October are two powerful shows of Indigenous art. First, an exhibit of works by Annie Pootoogook, whose tragic death last September put an end to an artistic career that challenged conventional assumptions about what Inuit art should look like. Second, a major retrospective of Alex Janvier’s lifetime of creativity, knowledge, and perspective gained through his love of the land, art, and Dene culture.

Throughout the year, more exciting exhibitions showcasing artists ranging from the Group of Seven to newly emerging talents will keep the momentum going well beyond anniversary celebrations. Hovering over the Humber Valley, rich in Indigenous history and culture, and recognized as the home of The Art of Canada*, the McMichael offers an experience that allows students to explore and discuss what being Canadian meant yesterday and what it means today.

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table of paintings and art materials with hands of children working on the paintings


photograph of children sitting around a table with artwork and teacher standing


group of children sitting on floor facing art on the wall. Woman standing next to large painting


photograph of woman and two children in the outdoors looking at a rock


photograph of children sitting outside with notebooks looking at man leaning against rock



photograph of two young women sitting at a desk


Children in front of McMichael sign in grounds