Outdoor Tours


“The workshop was well-planned and well delivered. The presenter was well versed in the topic and very good with the students. The program was enjoyed by all, thank you!” 

Ms. Paniccia, Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Elementary School, Grade 3. Participated in Art2Go: Landscape Painting Studio

Curriculum Connections Symbol
Elementary School:
Visual Arts VA
Social Studies SS
Science and Technology ST
Language L
High School:
The Arts: Visual Arts, Media Arts VA, MA
Canadian and World Studies CWS
Native Studies NS
English E
Science S

 Fee: $6 per student

GRADES 7 – 8, 9 – 12

A great overview of the McMichael Collection and various genres of art. Landscapes, portraits and abstract art are examined, encouraging students to consider the position and tradition of these genres within specific cultural and historical contexts.

Curriculum Connections: VA, SS, CWS

GRADES 1-3,4-6

Set within the spectacular McMichael grounds and available during all four seasons, this tour will take students on a fun and exciting nature expedition. Through a series of outdoor activities, students will explore stories and relationships among art, local history, plants, and flowers.

Curriculum Connections: VA, ST, SS, EE

GRADES 7-8,9-12

Through examples of artistic and cultural diversity at the gallery, students explore art as an expression of personal experience as well as the country’s collective history. During the tour, various historical issues are explored through animated discussions and debates, including industrialization, the impact of the Great War on Canada’s sense of nationhood, and the Assimilation Policy and Indigenous Cultural Appropriation.

Curriculum Connections: VA, SS, CWS, N

GRADES 7-8,9-12

Engage with the McMichael’s natural setting in a one-of-a-kind outdoor learning experience. View historic landmarks such as the Heritage Humber River, breathtaking greenspace including the Sculpture Garden, and a culturally diverse collection of art. Through exploring the surrounding grounds at the McMichael, students will discover the cultural impact on a changing landscape.

Curriculum Connections: VA, SS, S, NS, EE


Students engage in a formal analysis of artworks followed by an examination of their cultural and social contexts, and participate in a moderated debate. The argument is based on personal response, interpretation, and ideas about the impact that artworks can have on individuals and communities at large.

Curriculum Connections: VA, E

(Our Educator) did an exceptional job connecting art, Canadian history and social justice in a global way. Thank you for making all the concepts we are learning in the classroom meaningful and real.

T. Darling, Westway Junior School, Grade 3. Participated in Gallery Tour: Stories of our Land