Outdoor Tours


Designed to reflect curriculum expectations, these programs encourage the development of students’ abilities to comprehend, negotiate, and derive meaning from visual information contained in artworks.

Fee: $6 per student

GRADES 1 – 3, 4 – 6

Set within the spectacular McMichael grounds and available during all four seasons, this tour will take students on a fun and exciting nature expedition. Through a series of outdoor activities, students will explore stories and relationships among art, local history, plants, and flowers.

Curriculum Connections: VA, ST, SS, EE

GRADES 7 – 8, 9 – 12

Engage with the McMichael’s natural setting in a one-of-a-kind outdoor learning experience. View historic landmarks such as the Heritage Humber River, breathtaking greenspace including the Sculpture Garden, and a culturally diverse collection of art. Through exploring the surrounding grounds at the McMichael, students will discover the cultural impact on a changing landscape.

Curriculum Connections: VA, SS, S, NS, EE


All Tours, Art-in-Action Workshops, and Signature Studios can be applied across various areas of the curriculum. Use the legend below to identify curriculum connections within each program to ensure all your expectations are met.

“(Our Educator) did an exceptional job connecting art, Canadian history and social justice in a global way. Thank you for making all the concepts we are learning in the classroom meaningful and real.”

T. Darling, Westway Junior School, Grade 3. Participated in Gallery Tour: Stories of our Land