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From Drawing to Painting: Developing your Signature Style

December 2 - December 3

From Drawing to Painting: Developing your Signature Style  

Program Description

This new studio program is designed for beginner and intermediate artists who wish to paint with greater freedom and become more expressive.

Under the guidance of professional artist and instructor Dominik Modlinski, this two-day workshop is intended to hone students’ drawing and painting skills and to expand their creative language. Emphasis will be on risk-taking, abstract design, and mark-making – all three necessary components to take one’s work to the next level and create a unique creative signature.

Students will begin this artistic adventure while examining the dynamic power of composition and color . Working from a photo reference, participants will create drawing thumbnail sketches focusing on key areas including light and dark values, edges and lines as a warm-up to composing a dynamic composition. One of these “thumbnails” will be used as the basis for concept development, which will ultimately become a final drawing, and finally, a larger canvas or panel.

Modlinski will introduce students to a foundational structure of using shape, value, color, edges and center of interest. The aim of this workshop is to inspire students to compose artwork based on strong colour contrast principals which are carried diligently throughout creative process resulting in bold and colorful works of art. Students are free to apply the techniques learned in this studio to their own, personal style of painting. This workshop is intended for both oil and acrylic mediums.

Program Details

Level: Beginner/Intermediate* 

Materials: Not included. Please click below for a list of suggested Materials List.

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Artist Bio

Dominik J. Modlinski is a renowned Canadian landscape artist who specializes in capturing the beauty of wilderness areas through his paintings. He is known for his plein air style of painting, which involves creating artwork on location, often in remote and rugged terrain.

Modlinski’s passion for wilderness painting has taken him to some of the most remote and challenging locations on the planet. He has traveled extensively across continents and hemispheres, including Antarctica, the High Arctic, Greenland, Patagonia, Namibia, South Africa, Bolivia, and Peru, to name a few.

Through his artwork, Modlinski aims to inspire people to preserve the beauty of our planet. He recognizes the urgent need to protect wilderness areas around the globe, as they are rapidly disappearing due to human activities and climate change. In addition to his paintings, Modlinski also shares his experiences through photographs, stories, and videos. His work serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of protecting the natural world for future generations.


December 2
December 3
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