September 25, 2014, KLEINBURG ON – The McMichael Canadian Art Collection’s Executive Director and CEO, Dr. Victoria Dickenson, and Chair of the Board, Upkar Arora announced today that Chief Curator, Katerina Atanassova will be leaving the McMichael to take on the position of Curator, Canadian Art at the National Gallery of Canada as of December 1, 2014.


“Katerina has been a visionary in her work at the McMichael over the last five years and has helped to redefine the place of the McMichael permanent collection in the Canadian art establishment, and the collection as an inspiration to young contemporary artists,” said Upkar Arora. “She has brought a level of expertise and creativity that has clearly established the McMichael as the home of Canadian art.”


Ms. Atanassova came to the McMichael in March of 2009 and has been instrumental in re-establishing the McMichael’s position as Canada’s premier institution focused on the development of art in Canada. With revised legislation and a renewed collecting mandate in Canadian and Aboriginal art, the McMichael has inaugurated a series of successful and innovative exhibitions, from the record-setting Painting Canada: Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven in 2012 to Kim Dorland and the Return to Painting in 2013.


This positive momentum continues at the McMichael thanks to work already accomplished by Ms. Atanassova and the strong curatorial team on upcoming exhibitions, including this fall’s highly anticipated installation of Morrice and Lyman in the Company of Matisse from the Musée national des Beaux-Arts du Québec, which will open to the public on October 10, 2014 and run until January 4, 2015. This exhibition includes a brilliant additional McMichael component to enhance the exhibition experience, curated by Ms. Atanassova. The McMichael tradition of exclusive complements will continue with the development of a special McMichael adjunct exhibition to the installation in the new year of Vanishing Ice: Alpine and Polar Landscapes in Art, 1775-2012, an exhibition organized by The Whatcom Museum that brings art, nature, and history together in a unique and creative way.


The McMichael Canadian Art Collection is happy to celebrate this important achievement with Ms. Atanassova. “We congratulate Katerina on this marvellous opportunity,” said Dr. Dickenson. “Her artistic vision has helped to build a strong foundation and establish McMichael as a major cultural destination. Her work during her tenure here, as well as her input into planning for the future of the McMichael, has placed the organization on a path that both lives the legacy of the founders and illustrates that Canadian art is relevant and deeply connected to our national cultural identity. We look forward to collaborating with her and the National Gallery of Canada in the promotion of Canadian art both at home and on the global stage.”


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The McMichael Canadian Art Collection is an agency of the Government of Ontario and acknowledges the support of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, and the McMichael Canadian Art Foundation. It is the foremost venue in the country showcasing the Group of Seven and their contemporaries. In addition to touring exhibitions, its permanent collection consists of almost 6,000 artworks by Canadian artists, including paintings by the Group of Seven and their contemporaries, as well as First Nations, Métis and Inuit artists. The gallery is located on 100 acres of northern landscape and hiking trails at 10365 Islington Avenue, Kleinburg, north of Major Mackenzie Drive in the City of Vaughan. For more information:





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