Legendary Canadian Folk Music with Stephen Fearing


Legendary Canadian Folk Music with Stephen Fearing

Publication: Go Vaughan

Published: August 26, 2019

Author: Jessica Bergman

Stephen Fearing has won multiple Juno awards as well as the reputation of one of the most well known Canadian musicians in the world. He is an incredible storyteller and loves to take listeners on a journey with him. This performance is part of the East Coast Songwriter Series which highlights the storytelling traditions of emerging artists in Nova Scotia.

“Getting on stage is the fun part, especially when the adrenaline kicks in. People want to escape and be taken on a journey. I build my shows so they do just that.” -Stephen Fearing

He was born in Vancouver, but was raised in Dublin Ireland where his classmates would be the future members of U2. He picked up guitar with English and Irish musical influences early in life to create his unique sound. He remembers growing up with a rich tradition of storytelling and humour in his daily life in Ireland.

He co-founded Blackie and The Rodeo Kings and after nine albums together the band has a high reputation for their North American roots-rock-Americana music. He also co-released two albums with Andy White, as Fearing & White.

Fearing says living in Eastern Canada reminded him of his childhood in Ireland and prompted memories he had almost forgotten. He spent many years in Halifax, which influenced the title of his album, Between Hurricanes.

“The weather in that part of the world is dramatic to say the least (summer and winter), changing rapidly and often culminating in almost-biblical storms. When I was writing songs for that album, the late-summer hurricanes that would come roaring up the Eastern seaboard from Florida would disrupt everything for a few days at a time… this was a perfect metaphor for one of my songs and ended up being a great title for the album.” -Stephen Fearing

He’s appeared in festival circuits and folk clubs across North America and the U.K. where he captured the hearts of adoring crowds, especially at WOMAD earlier in his career. He recalls being somewhat excited and overwhelmed by the size of this massive overseas festival.

“One outstanding memory (from WOMAD) was being served Moosehead beer backstage…how disappointing…a bit like playing in Venice and being offered a Starbucks flat white.” -Stephen Fearing

Fearing says music continues to impact him on a deeply emotional level. That music led him to his wife and many other wonderful characters and friends.

“Music has given me a constant and ever-evolving means of self expression and the tools to process, understand, and heal myself from many of the slings and arrows of life.” -Stephen Fearing

Take a listen to his one of his songs: Long Walk to Freedom

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