Legendary Canadian Folk Music with Susan Crowe


Legendary Canadian Folk Music with Susan Crowe

Publication: Go Vaughan

Published: July 30, 2019

Author: Jessica Bergman

Susan Crowe is one of Canada’s most respected folk artists and was named English Songwriter of the Year in 2009 (CFMA). Her lyrics paint delicate images of Canada’s landscape, coasts, history and other natural beauties that continue to inspire her. Born and raised in Nova Scotia, her music has been enjoyed coast to coast and earned her two Juno awards to date.

This performance is part of the East Coast Songwriter Series which highlights the storytelling traditions of emerging artists in Nova Scotia.

“What truly awes me is the natural world, and I find myself using words and images that are drawn from nature directly.” – Susan Crowe

Susan began singing as a child and her love for music and storytelling grew from there. Her journey has spread across Canada and back in the last thirty years, inspiring much of what she writes. Joining her in concert are fellow musicians and close friends Danny Greenspoon and Tony Duggan-Smith. The trio will share their passion for art and history through emotional stories and songs. Susan and Danny were introduced by Sylvia Tyson who thought they would be a good musical match. In Susan’s opinion, this was an excellent idea. The pair are a good fit, and remain close friends. Susan looks forward to performing with him as she feels they don’t see each other nearly enough. Danny will be accompanying her on guitar.

Susan met Tony Duggan-Smith in the 70’s in Halifax. She describes him as a lovely, talented, insightful man and fine musician. They reconnected in recent years, and both look forward to performing together. Tony will be singing on a few tunes with Susan.

Susan dedicates this performance to any and all who listen to the songs and take one or two as their own. At this time, she especially honours Nova Scotia Folk Artist Maud Lewis. Maud Lewis’ art exhibition will be on display at the McMicheal until January 2020.

“Maud Lewis shows us that we can be quiet and apart but still seek beauty, and still trust our own voice.” – Susan Crowe

This highly anticipated concert will be an afternoon filled with music and stories that will stay with you long after the concert finishes.

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