Our Patrons Circle is a group of donors who are deeply committed to the Art of Canada. Spend time with other art enthusiasts at a variety of private events designed to engage, educate and inspire. Your generous support of the McMichael Canadian Art Foundation ensures excellence in exhibitions and programming at the McMichael.

Patrons Circle members enjoy a deeper involvement with our collection and a more personal relationship with curators, artists, authors, and more, as well as access to exclusive private events and experiences.

Your support is essential to the presentation and development of the permanent collection, the enhancement of our excellent programming, and the enrichment of our spectacular grounds and facilities now and for the future.

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Patron Profile:

Xi-Ping Huang

My name is Xi-Ping Huang, and I come from China. Ever since I came to Canada, the McMichael has been near and dear to my heart. As an international visiting scholar at the University of Toronto, the first trip I went on was with the U of T international school to the McMichael.

That was in the late 1980s. I remember travelling by school bus and seeing all the beautiful architecture and natural landscapes when the bus pulled in. Embedded in such a magnificent wood log house, with the trails and seeing the most famous Canadian artists’ works was unbelievable and an amazing memory. Standing in front of the Group of Seven’s beautiful paintings gave me the first impression of Canadian nature and made me want to see all of Canada. It was truly an unforgettable experience, and every time I go back to McMichael, I always think back to that first trip.

Fast forward 28 years later. Living in Canada and experiencing this great country, I feel very privileged to be a part of McMichael and I am grateful to my great friend Nancy Coldham who brought me here today. Thank you Nancy.


Your favourite hero in fiction?
90210 was the first show that I watched when I came to Canada. I named my first child, Brandon, because of it — if he was a girl, I would have named him Brenda. Brandon and Brenda were the best twins you could ever have. They were kind, studied hard and were community leaders.

Your favourite physical landscape?
Yosemite, it was like a Chinese landscape and water painting come to life. I love the spectacular granite rocks, plunging waterfalls and endless hiking trails that bring you to the top of the mountains and close to the waterfalls.

Your favourite work in our permanent collection?
J.E. H. MacDonald’s Forest Wilderness. A beautiful painting that reflects the change in season, and overlooks mountainous ranges in Algonquin Park.

Qualities you most appreciate in an artwork?
The creative imagination of the artist, how they interpret what they see, and seeing that vision come together on the canvas.

Your great extravagance?
Travelling with my family, and eating at some of the world’s best restaurants.

Your favourite season at the McMichael?
Autumn, because of the changing leaves.


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