TDSB 2022 Student exhibition

TDSB 2022 Student exhibition

In 2022, the McMichael worked with a total of 95 students from 4 classes at 3 schools across the Toronto District School Board. From May – June students met once a week for 5 weeks, working in-person in the classroom and virtually with McMichael Educators, guest artists and Elders. Participants met for one final 6th session onsite at the McMichael for a day of exploration, viewing the galleries collection and current exhibitions and artmaking together. Artwork created by students during the final two weeks of the program can be seen below. This project encouraged students to reflect and visually represent an important personal experience in their lives, some of the students have included an artist statement along with their painting.

I’m a huge fan of demon slayer and it just gave me vibes. 

My art piece is about inspiring words that I feel like so many girls don’t say enough to themselves. It is also about just having a good mind set and making yourself feel good about yourself and a story about when I almost died. 

When I made my canvas I felt like I wanted to play minecraft and go to the Nether.

I wanted to do the art that I did on the canvas because it popped up in my head and I thought this is going to be cool and then I did it and another reason I did my art is because it gives me a vibe to the art that I did.  

The images in this drawing are some of my favourite images and have alot of my most prized and meaningful memories.

I started drawing random Circles then I Thought of adding spikes to them so they can look like the spike balls and closed my eyes and pointed at a colour 3  times then I choose other colors that matched it.

I chose the colors red,orange,yellow because it looks like a sunset and it make me feel calm. 


Hello my name is mohib ahmadi and this is my art for some of the designs I made is an example of some memories and one I made was a picture of the clouds I made that because when I was a kid I would look at the sky and see different shapes and I also drew blue and green flowers I put that because it looks cool and i put some of my favorite colors there. 


My art piece is when I went to the lake when it was a full moon. 


My art piece was that I went to Niagara Falls and there was a program called Tamil fest it is going to be on August 28, 2022, it was a lovely program and I really wanted to participate in it after I really like basketball because it was my favorite sport then I put my favourite people on it so it would look nice and i put this rainbow background so that could inspire me and i also put the pizza hut sign because it is my favourite store. 


When I made my canvas I felt like I wanted to play minecraft  and go to the Nether. 




I want people to know what do in my life and it tells you to go outside and play sports also  blue is my favourite colour.


The things I want to say about my art canvas is my art has some Stuff like some trees,ice cream,emojis and the things what I like to do Outside and i n nature and also things which I like to indoor this is what my art is about. 



I’m a big fan of nintendo and  I have a nintendo switch and I have a  pokemon shield and I play in the ghost type gym and that’s way I make that art.



My art is about how much I love art. And the sea shells represent me drawing at the beach. My backround colors are blue and purple because those are my two favriote colors.