YRDSB 2021 Student exhibition

YRDSB 2021 Student exhibition

In 2021, the McMichael worked with a total of 345 students from 17 classes at 8 schools across the York Region District School Board. From February – March students met once a week for 6 weeks, working virtually with McMichael Educators, guest artists and Elders. The program is celebrated through the works and artists statements that students created during the final two weeks of the program, these works can be seen below.

I made this memory because it’s one of the only memories I can remember. This memory is just really calming and peaceful for me.

I chose this memory because it was a funny experience.

Why I picked to write this story is because my camp has been around sense 1981 and my whole family has been going there since it was built. It is my favorite place to go in the world.





I made this painting from the stars from my cottage and the big white moon.

I chose to do this painting because it is about the time when I caught a catfish when I was with my nana.

● calm
● peaceful
● majestic

Ice’s water 

whale‘s and ice 

Ice face

  • Exciting 
  • Abstract 
  • Modern

Why I picked a turtle is because turtles are something amazing.  I know that a turtle might have bitten me but they are fabulous creatures. Some of them might be in water and some of them might be on land but I feel like every single time you see a turtle it is trying to tell you something.  It is trying to speak to you in its own language.  I don’t know if that just happens to me but when that turtle bit me, yah I was scared, but I want to remember that turtles are special and kind creatures.










I chose this painting because it is really special and I have had a lot of memories here and my papa is really important to me.

Chill to the till

The reason I choose this story is because it’s one of my best stories I remember and I have told this story a lot

Colourful majestic animal
Colour after colour
A whole new majestic world 
A whole new world  
Colourful and peaceful 
Go back to the past 
Simple beauty 
A garden of angels

It reminds me of how nice the water is.

I chose this because it’s the biggest fish I’ve ever caught.

This was a very special moment. I will never forget this moment in my life.

I choose this because I got lost from my family and in my painting the dolphin is alone like I was at that time.

I chose this because I had a dream of meeting Sidney Crosby and I wanted to meet him really bad but then one day I Met him and that was the best day of my life.

When I was younger I used to Play soccer and it was A good memory.

This was one of my favourite memories because I liked fish a lot back then and I was on my way home from school. I saw a fish stuck under a rock and my mom thought it was dead and I wanted to prove her wrong and so I did because I got the fish out of there and I was happy that I proved her wrong.

I Named it The perfect day because I was drawing and listening to music

The reason why I chose Niagara Falls was because it was a lot of fun. We went on the ferris wheel and saw the colourful falls.

I named it the cuban puppy because when I hadded to go back to Toronto in the airport a little pup came in. He was gray and had cute triangle ears. I petted him and fed him bread. I hope I see him again because he filled me with hope.

Cancer is very bad. I was named after my uncle that died of cancer.

This painting is special because the story was about a time I spent with my family. It was also my first Easter without my Dad.

I named it wuffies cause it’s the story on how me and my grandma saw a bunch of wolves and naming it “Wolves” would sound unoriginal and lame

I don’t really remember things but when I saw that picture I remembered a lot of stuff about the time of me and my grandpa.

This was A really cool night other than pirate night.

This story is about my mom, sister, and brother almost about to be crushed by a truck!

Talking to an old friend makes you realize how much your life has changed.

This painting is inspired by my cat Roise.

I paid for the person behind me :)

This is a story of a deep blue night sky.

I thought it was pretty.

The time I lost my friend in Wonderland. We were thirsty and my friend went to get 20 dollars and went missing.

This was the day my brother saved my life. My family and I were on a vacation in California.

I had my dog for 8 years. I woke up and my mom said we have to put my dog down. I bought him a bone and squeaky toys.

On my brother’s birthday we found out my dad had cancer.

This art is about a blue jay egg breaking and everyone getting hit by the wooden spoon.

This art is about my time as a judo person.

This art is about the day I went to Aruba.

This art is about when my sister broke her collarbone.

This art piece is about my hamster Pinky.

This painting is about when I got my puppy and I love him so much.

This painting is about when I got my dog Teddy.

“You can do it, all you have to do is believe”

“Getting to see nature is a privilege so try to see it. Like feeding animals”

“Always believe in your work and yourself”

“This is about a cat that was abandoned by his owners”

“Imagine you’re not painting your best art but you feel it still looks good”

“I tried to do good”

“I love my family! A little bit ago, my Mom and my Step Dad had a baby! I also loooove art! I always do art! It’s really relaxing. But I’m not sure if I like to draw or paint more! I also love to play Roblox. Teal is my favourite colour so I chose a teal background!”

“This is about my life when I was 9”

“Everybody is an artist, you just have to try”

“Never give up on art. It will inspire you to do more things”

“My art is about myself because I will be famous”

“The message is that vacations are a time to have fun with your family and it’s always worth going!  Why I made this piece is because I did so many things in my life but going to the Dominocan Republic was one of the funnest things!  I made it so that people would feel happy because of the other bright colours!”

Did you notice the light reflection off the water?
The muskie fish are swimming in their habitat. The small one is not getting food, but the big fish is. The small fish is hiding in the weeds, so it doesn’t get eaten.

I love making art. It calms me down.
I am super good at drawing, but I am still getting better at painting.

“Always try and never give up!”

I love the beach.
I love to play with my sister.

“Even mistakes are beautiful.”

The beauty of 21 is a meme.

An act of love and kindness.

I love going to the farm.
It’s my favourite place to go.

Jumping on the trampoline, swimming, biking and the trampoline park are my favourite things to do outside.

Purple and blue
keep being you!

I like art because of all the
colours and I enjoyed experimenting with them
and mixing them together.

I like how we used all the colours.

Everything can be good, if you imagine

If you’re not good at art, just keep trying! And you’ll get it.

In this piece, I wrote about me playing Roblox with my friends because we love playing together.

Be yourself because those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.

I am not a big fan of art when I have to create it but I quite enjoy looking at art. And now I know how to use a lot more art materials than I used to.

I like art because it calms me down and it makes me focus more so I’m not distracted on different things in the classroom.

ART is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness…

I don’t really like art and I am not very good at it but I am slowly improving. I am happy with my art though. One thing I could do to improve would be to practise doing some art for the drawings that I do a lot but are hard.

I like art because I can do what I want with it. I like to be creative.

I think art is a good way to be creative and express yourself.

I like art because it’s relaxing and I love it.

My art is about my very first Lego set and I think it is cool!

I really like my art. It was really fun to do and really interesting. Also, my favourite painting was the sunset one.

“Art is fun when you can do anything!”

What I like about art is that it calms me down and when I am bored I can just doodle.

I just love trips and Niagara Falls was amazing just like my Dad.

You just keep on trying. Art is never right and there never is a wrong way. Just try your best!