YRDSB Student Exhibition 2022

YRDSB 2022 Student exhibition

In 2022, the McMichael worked with a total of 236 students from 9 classes at 4 schools across the York Region District School Board. From January – May students met once a week for 5 weeks, working virtually with McMichael Educators, guest artists and Elders.  Participants met for one final 6th session onsite at the McMichael for a day of exploration, viewing the galleries collection and current exhibitions and artmaking together. Artwork created by students during the final two weeks of the program can be seen below. This project encouraged students to reflect and visually represent an important personal experience in their lives, some of the students have included an artist statement along with their painting.  

I named the picture “Blossom Tree” because it is a part of my story. 


This reminds me of the times where my family from different places could be with me. 


Purple is my favorite color and I like to blend colors to make it purple which my friend gave me the idea. 


My artwork is about the beach. The beach was beautiful. When you go to the beach, it makes you feel relaxed.

My canvas shows two colours that I like. It gives information about my favourite day. A bike ride at a movie night with my family! It was so much fun! It also shows a lot of stuff I saw during that time. 

This art is about me and my family going to wonderland.  


Fun time at the park.

My artwork is trying to say that I had a lot of fun during 2020. I would like you to feel good about this painting when you see it. When i was at the waterpark, i actually went tubing for 1 and a hal

I was inspired by a family trip I took to Mexico.

This is about the times whenever I went over to my cousin Rani’s apartment. He has a bunch of different game consoles and games. He has Xbox, Siri X, PS5, Nintendo Switch, VR, and a PlayStation 3. He has a load of discs. He also had a bunch of treats that we had snacked on.

I was inspired by my nana’s farm. The farm is orange and red. She has many animals there. I went there with my aunt.
It’s a painting of a waterpark. I chose the waterpark because I love the color and it’s so natural and pretty. For the viewers I want them to go there and have some fun and happiness. I went to the water park before and I saw so many slides and THE POOL WAS SO CLEAR AND WARM I LOVED IT. I almost went on all the slides before they closed the water park down. That’s why I chose this subject.
I was inspired by a family camping trip in B.C.
I am a good hockey player because of the shot I made. A guy was trying to body check me so I moved back and he hit the boards and then I shot it and it bounced off the goalies stick into the net. And that’s why I am a good player. Using colours. They are colourful and they make me happy. The drawings of me making the greatest slapshot. The colours and the picture of me.
It communicates a memory of my dad getting my mom flowers as a surprise. The intention is it was a very happy moment and it shows to be kind even when it’s not a special day. The story behind it is when my dad did something special for my mom.

My art piece is about fun things that happen in my life. This is one of the things. This is about when I went tubing with my brother in the winter. I want viewers to see kind, happy, be inspired, a safe place. This memory of mine was so important that I made it into art because I want others to see it and feel the way I did.

HI I slava I wanted to draw space.
I drew a lake with a beach and trees my intention of what I want people to feel happy and not depressed my message also speaks for happiness and friendliness the reason why I created a beach was because I haven’t made a art masterpiece and I wanted to make one after a while of not doing art I also added a lot of colors to my painting and to think that i’m creative and good at art and be thankful for the supplies I have been given I chose my colors because I wanted some hot and warm colors on my canvas.
I drew a colourful ocean with a purple rock right in the center of the ocean. And I wrote a basketball story with it. My intention is that I want people to see that my drawings have a lot of colors on it. I want them to feel great and think that I am creative.

Year created 2022 February 28

I hope for my viewers to get different ideas on what the painting is or what the painting is supposed to be. Some people thought my painting was a whirlpool or a tornado. You can see an eye in the middle of the art piece. My dream has led to the development of this art piece. It wasn’t what I expected but I still really love it! Lots of colors were used. I didn’t want to use brown in my art piece but it came out really good. I really loved the light bulb in my art piece. It represented thoughts.

Dream big.

I made a story of my friend because he got in a car accident so I made it in my painting. I put blue and made a rainbow because he died I put a lonely girl at an lake O put a mushroom because I think he liked natcher and i put a crown for loyalty :>

Life in the Galaxy

This is a art piece is called Life in The Galaxy because, when I look at it I can see living creatures and a tree in the middle of the different colour aliens. This is a art piece of 3 aliens that are friends with each other and they discovered a floating apple tree in the galaxy. This art piece is important to me because this makes me want to visit an astronomy museum which actually looks really fun.

Grass Mud Horse

草泥马 This is a picture of a grass mud horse.

The Rip Off American Flag

This painting is a fake American flag. I painted this because it is easy to paint. This is important to me because i like the colour red and this means why I like power rangers.

Marine Life

This painting is about the marine life and the ecosystem within it. This painting is important to me because it reminds me of a time of when I went to an aquarium and saw many fish which inspired me to paint the fishes’ true home.

My artwork communicates with the art of music. Music helps me understand my feelings and attitudes. Music makes me feel all the kind and positive words and feelings about myself. When viewers see this art piece of music, I want them to understand that music makes me feel welcomed and the positive things about me. The trees and beautiful sky in my artwork that’s in this art piece, helps me see the nature of music, as I love to see the nature and beauty of music. The story of my art let’s me know me and what message I bring to myself!

My art is showing that nature is true beauty , and that animals have feelings just like all of us. I want others to know that to always take a break and go outside to breathe in fresh air, and to take breaks. I also want viewers to understand that true beauty is them. I want viewers of the piece to see that nature is beautiful, and that they can do whatever they desire.

My artwork is about basketball. I did Basketball because it is my future career and I love to play it. I want them to see that the theme is basketball and my favorite team is the Raptors. My story is when I was young it was my dream to play basketball and I have basketball every Saturday so I can learn more basketball. It’s very fun to play basketball and learn different moves every single day. When it was 2017, it was my first time watching basketball and it inspired me to play basketball. Few years ago, I went to a basketball game and it was amazing. Also they let us go to the court so we could shoot . I shot for my first time in court, I felt like my dream came true.

My art communicates that you should be proud of who you are and not hide or be ashamed of your identity. I wanted my viewers to see that my art was telling a story about me and to inspire you to not be afraid of people judging you based on your identity. The theme of this art was me. I wrote words that are important to me and my favorite things like my family, my nationality, my favorite colour which is purple and many other things that are important to me.

To be inspired and get creative also I think imagination. Build big things within your imagination. Have some fun and a great time also chatting with people and than getting some time with friends, do not have a bad time, go with the flow and feeling great. Try to be in a great mood, type in something nice, try to do something, think about it, play out with your imagination and get along with each other.
My art is about me and my family going to Center Island. I drew Center Island because it was a fun place to go to and me and our cousins love going there. I drew a log ride because it was me and my cousin’s favorite ride. The CN Tower was in the painting because we had to go to Toronto. The the sun was in the painting because it was summer and the sun was out. A roller coaster was there because Center Island had lots of roller coasters on the island. I drew splashes because the water splashes.

My art takes place with outer space art pieces and I was inspired by my childhood.I would draw aliens and space things when I was bored. I drew this piece because space to me is a beautiful and a quiet place., I thought about aliens and I drew them down as me and my siblings. I made each of my siblings into each alien. They are unique in a way. My, art piece has a Canada flag because that is my home country and I want to acknowledge that. I was thinking about the future of science in space while I was drawing.

This painting is about how I would like to go to a different country. I’ve only been to Canada and China and I want to make that list bigger. When people see this painting I want them to have a sense of adventure and maybe feel the waves as the boat rides around. It’s a shame that I haven’t finished this.

My artwork is about me and my family on a picnic. I want people who see my artwork to feel nice and welcomed.
I went to the amusement park with my family and my older sister at Niagara falls. I want people to feel a bit of joy and happiness when they see my artwork.
The art tells people to go to Great Wolf Lodge and tries to show people that this is a fun place to go to. I went to the Great Wolf Lodge with my friend Constance, my cousins, and my family. We went to the indoor waterpark and we also went to the arcade at night before going to bed. I had to share a bed with my mom and little brother. Sometimes in the middle of the night, I would get kicked out of bed. I want people to think that Great Wolf Lodge is a fun place to go to. I want them to feel happy because I recommended a new place they can go to.

This picture reminds me of going to the beach with all my family and relatives. 

 I named it “In the Sky” because it was first experience flying on an airplane. 

This reminds me of  the time the sky was red the last time I went to Wonderland. 


My artist statement is about my first dance performance. My intention for viewers to see in this  piece  is”Patience is the Key to Success”. My first dance performance has led to this piece because this performance was unlike others though I did not know it then. 

This artwork is about the day i got my cat. I was super happy when I got to keep it because I always wanted A fluffy animal as a pet so now you know why. I hope when you see my painting, you will feel really happy and warm inside when you feel sad.  

Artwork shows my love for my cat (Marshmallow) and the day I got her.  


Artist statement is about the drama club I went to in 2018. My intention for viewers who see this piece is to learn about the drama club truarc. The story that I used is very detailed and yet very subtle, I went to a drama club when I was seven and learned about the different elements of drama.

This painting shows my trip to Cuba. What I am trying to show the audience who see this piece if sof them to see what I did in Cuba and how my trip was. It is my favourite place I’ve ever gone to in my life, which is very meaningful.

I was inspired by a trip to Medieval Times.

I thought of this artwork because I wanted to go to a fun place and I remembered what we did that day.

I was inspired by a trip to a park that I went on with my dad. We saw a cool bird that had lots of colours!
It’s a painting of a waterpark. I chose the waterpark because I love the color and it’s so natural and pretty. For the viewers I want them to go there and have some fun and happiness. I went to the water park before and I saw so many slides and THE POOL WAS SO CLEAR AND WARM I LOVED IT. I almost went on all the slides before they closed the water park down. That’s why I chose this subject.

Once me and my family went on vacation. We went to the beach and went in the water and I saw a shark. It scared me so I told my dad who told the lifeguard then the lifeguard said that to everyone.

I was inspired by a family camping trip in B.C.

My artwork is about when one time I chipped a bone in my foot. My intention for viewers who see this art piece is that people want be careful.

My art communicates happiness because I went to see my Granny and Papa for Christmas. I want people to also feel happy because spending time with family should bring happiness. My love for my family led to making this art piece.
I made my art look good with hard work, so that I can inspire others and that I could be a good artist. I want people to see my artwork because I have worked so hard on my art piece. My intention for my viewers is that I hope that people understand what it is.
I want people to be able to see my artwork. I want my artwork to be seen, not hidden. My grandpa inspired me. I chose blue because my grandpa died before Christmas.
I was just fooling around because I thought it would look good. I thought the pictures would look good that I included as well. I really love just because 4 so I wrote it in my painting. I want people to see who I really am, a funny guy. When I was doing my painting, my friend and I were looking at each other more than we thought it would look good so when we were fooling around we started painting and putting pictures on it.
I drew the Simpsons because the Simpsons is my favourite tv show and I made a mistake and I thought that it kind of looks like the Simpsons and I worked up from there. My intention of what I want the viewers to see of my art is to feel young again because the Simpsons is for youngsters. I want people to notice that if you make a mistake try to try again.
My art piece is about how I got my VR/oculus 2

I want some people to see my artwork and what it means. My art is in Italy on a sunny day at the beach. The beach has big rocks to jump off. We were with our two cousins and with
Some beach supplies. The first thing we did was go in the water and pretend to see some fish. Second, we ate some food.

2 of My turtles.

This picture is about my 2 two turtles and that one died in two months. I got a new one and it is Important to me because it was one of my favourite pets in my house. I loved him very much.

The Black Hole

I tried to make a galaxy type of theme but it turned out to look like a black hole. This is important to me because I like the colour black.

My Favourite Pets Life

This is a painting of both of the best pets I had throughout 2019 and why they died. This is important because these are the only pets that won’t go crazy and they are the only ones that we can play with every day and no one would say you can’t. Also, it is the most saddest death that happened.

Tobogganing Fun

This is about the time I went tobogganing with my aunt, sister, mom and my aunt’s dog at Rouge Valley Park! I also went to my aunt’s house after tobogganing. We watched a movie, ate some snacks and played with my aunt’s dogs. This is important to me because I have not gone tobogganing for 3 years! I was very excited when I heard my aunt was going to bring me tobogganing! I was also very happy to eat some snacks at the end.

Earth Sky

This Painting is when I went to Ottawa. I saw a really cool car and it had some of the colours I really liked. This is important to me because this brings back family memories and friend memories.

My art is trying to send a positive message. When people see my art I want them to feel happy. My art is a way to feel good. By putting these positive messages in my art I am showing all the fabulous things that make me who I am. There are so many awesome stories, words and sentences that make you yourself. Art is a great way to express yourself and your feelings. For some people art can show who they are. I wasn’t too worried about ruining my art, i just wanted to have fun and make it perfect for me.

My art piece communicates some of my favourite food. My intention for my art piece is to show that everybody likes different things. For example, I like sushi. The story that led me to the development of this piece is food. I like to eat food. People have cultural foods during cultural holidays. For Example: During cultural holidays I like to eat food that represents my family, me and my culture. My family doesn’t eat meat on cultural holidays. I used different colours in different shades to represent my favourite foods.

The story that led to why I made this piece of art is just some things that I spend time with, eat,watch, and play. My intention for the viewer is just to feel calmness and happiness and some peacefulness. I would also want the person viewing the piece to feel confused to what I drew for this.

My message is to express myself about the stuff that I like to play and the people I love. The stuff I love are anime, my mom and my grandpa. The anime character I like is Naruto Sasuke. My favorite games are Minecraft and Roblox. I really love my family and I like the frogs in naruto.

My art is about myself. What I like and what I do in my free time the viewer will see. They can think about what they do in their free time and what they like about themselves. I like when I watch Youtube and read books to calm my mind and to play video games with my friends and classmates.The best thing is that we did it with McMichael gallery. We had 2 lessons to finish. It was lots of fun to do it.
This art is a memory that I had at Wonderland. I chose this memory because it often pops up in my head everyday. I also chose this because Wonderland is one of my favourite places to go during the Spring and Summer. My intention when people see this is that they shouldn’t be scared to go on high tides like the Yukon Striker or Leviathan. They should just go on them and have fun.
My painting is about going to China for my grandpa’s birthday. I want people who see my art to think they should go to China because it is fun there.
My art is about a cat that I found in my backyard. I want people who see my artwork to feel kinda sad and maybe kinda happy because I got to see the cat again.
This art is about adventures in the sea and the sky. I want the viewers to feel amazing, nice and cool from my painting.

This picture reminds me of when I was in Kindergarten and we would build snow mountains and we would climb on them.

I drew this piece because I like playing Minecraft. 


The blue background on my picture reminds me of the sky.
All viewers should feel a warm and Cool vibe about going on vacation and having a good time with your family. This story was about me in my family going to China and visiting different places! I was sad when I had to leave my pet turtle behind.  

This is my art. It is not the best but it represents something. My grandma always tells me to go outside but I always stay inside watching YouTube, until, one day I noticed that my friend is outside playing in the park. So I went outside and had so much fun. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go outside! 






Artwork shows my love for my cat (Marshmallow) and the day I got her.  


Long time ago, we went to Cuba. We went on a plane for 3 hours. We went to the capital of Cuba, which is Havana. The slushie represents the time my sister and I had had in Havana. I want people to see the fun things that I did in Havana through my art.

I went to a beach with a beautiful ocean. I was going there in a car and it was an hour drive. When we arrived, my mom and I took pictures of the beautiful beach. The beach ocean was beautiful, it was sparkly, clean, and Shining. I loved the view often. Then we ate strawberries, cherries and oranges. Then we played some games and went home. The floaties on the canvas is when we went to the ocean and one of them went away and we tried to catch it but it was moving too because of the wind and it took us a while to catch it until the wind stops blowing and we finally caught it.

I made this art piece because I wanted viewers to remember to have fun, enjoy themselves, and enjoy the water. I got inspiration from a funny memory in a lake I was once in. I made this piece with paint and oil pastels.
I was inspired by kitchens. I like food.

I was inspired by the first time I saw a waterfall in Niagara Falls.

When I was 5, my apartment burnt down. This is the memory I have of that day and I think about it sometimes.

I was inspired by a frog I saw in a forest.

I was inspired by a frog I saw in a forest.

It represents my first time at a movie theatre. It also represents how I was feeling at the movie theatres. I felt happy and a little shy. I am proud that it didn’t cover the whole entire words when I have it to paint over it. It has words of how it made me feel and also it explains what I did at the movie Theatres the Focal Point. I would say that it is not drawing over the lines.

I want people to get out there and see the world. This is the first time me and my dad everyone went out. First time ever.

Cool. I want to make another see my work because logic and be good at art and more stuff.

I want others to see my art work so I can make money lots of it. First time ever me and my grandpa travelled the world.

I made mine about the group of seven and a bit about my family. My family was all together until 2017 one year before my little sister Logan was born. Now my dad no longer lives with us and it has been difficult, because I miss him. My painting is about believing in yourself.

My art piece is communicating that you can do anything in life when you dream to do something you can do it if you try hard. I try to inspire other people. The first time they looked at my art piece they thought it was a family on the beach and they were right. I made a beach and I want to make a group like the group of seven and I want to go on an adventure and draw what I see.The process was me first using pencil then over it sharpe then colored it.
I made this art project to show everybody who looks at my art will understand how much I like to play basketball. I want everybody to understand that basketball can be a good game. I played basketball with my cousin for him to show me how fun basketball can be, because I didn’t like the game basketball, because it was hard for me.
I want people to know that my art is based on current events like corona/covid with the curtains on the sides. I chose this because my vacation to Cuba was canceled. The colours were just colours I made with the paint I had.
I hope my viewers like my artwork and appreciate my time put into that canvas.

My story isn’t that complicated or detailed because it’s just like a short story of my life. It includes my religion, (Muslim) and other things like the sports that I like. I do dance lessons and the name of the dance I do is lyrical x contemporary but I just put lyrical because it’s mostly lyrical anyway, regardless of that I also put the town I was born in Iran (Tehran). I follow Islam as well as my family so I’m Muslim and that’s why I put Islam on the canvas.

The Painting of Cool and Warm Colours.

This is a painting of a galaxy background with warm colours. I really liked how the colours blend in together. It reminds me of the ocean and the sunset. This is important to me because, the blue colours makes me think of the ocean and I really enjoy swimming! The yellow and red makes me think of the beautiful sunset. It also reminds me of that time when me and my family went to the beach!

Colourful Sea World

This painting is about when I went to Lake Pickering. This is important to me because, I love swimming and I think the colours on it look very vibrant and makes me want to explore under the sea. That is because the coral under the sea is very colourful and it makes me feel happy. I also like the fish because it shows me wildlife.

The Victory
China has one place called name is Chongqing. My drawing is about of the Chongqing ocean and the sky at Chongqing is very pretty and is very very beautiful. I drew this because my family is there and I’m come from Chongqing.
My art is about a walk in the park but suddenly a bird swooped down in front of my face. I did not like that, the bird was too close to me for a second. The point of my piece of art is because I find it funny when the bird swoops down. My art piece shows that there is another bird and I added the other bird because when I turned to look at the side I saw another bird, so that is why I put 2 birds in my picture.
The message I intended my art piece to communicate is that anything is possible if you try hard enough, and it’s about working efficiently and not hard. My intention is to give a feeling that everything is possible and provide a feeling of limitless possibilities. The story that has led to the development of this piece of art is through school thanks to the McMichael art gallery they supplied my school with art supplies. So every Monday we have a class with the McMichael art gallery people and create art pieces. That’s the story!
My art statement is about the stuff I like. I like games, friends, and rainbows, family, and nature . I used many colors like blue, green, red and yellow and purple and it makes me feel happy :)
I chose this thing to write about because it was about one of my biggest fears. It’s basically meant to say being stung by a bee is one of my biggest fears. I chose this memory because today I still don’t like bees and also I’m grossed out by them. Also my mother tried to protect me but it eventually stung me in the head. I also don’t know why he attacked me when I wasn’t wearing anything black, and my mom was the one carrying something black.
My art piece had a message about the vegetables I picked in my garden. The story is about my favourite vegetable picking with my brother in my garden. My intention for the viewer was that they would see how you can save animals like the ladybug from drowning. I also painted it because it was about me saving a ladybug from drowning in a bucket of water. My art piece also had a message that you can be a lifesaver of animals and other creatures that live with us. I think it was very cool.
My art piece communicates that I like to eat food and I like to play video games a lot. My intention for the viewers who see my art is so people will know what games I like and what foods l like. My intention for the viewers who see my art is so that the viewers tell people about my art and those people will see my art too. My art piece is about my favourite video games such as roblox and minecraft and my favourite foods such as sushi and pizza.

This art is about me and my dad and brothers going to wonderland.

My artwork is about my family and I going on a beautiful island and spending time with each other. I want people who see my painting to feel calm and relaxed from the sunset in the background.
My painting is about the time I went to Niagara Falls and saw dolphins. I want the people who see my artwork to feel happy.
The message the art was communicating is that I was scared but I tried to stand on the tile anyways. This story came to me because I had other ideas, but they didn’t work for me and because I tried to get over my fear. I want the audience to see that you can try to get over fear and maybe you will actually get over it! You just need to try it!
The art tells people to check weather reports before going outside because you might get wet if you don’t. My grandma, brother and I went to the park and it started raining so we went home to avoid the storm. I want viewers to feel happy because I helped them have a lower chance of getting wet.

My picture is about my 10th birthday party and the color purple was the theme of the party. 



I named it “Blue Sky” because it is very peaceful. 


This reminds me of the times before COVID when we could travel to different places like Niagara Falls with friends.

But art is about a squirrel. I was excited to chase the squirrel. When I got closer to the squirrel, it went up in the tree. I like people to see that squirrels are smart. The squirrel could run very fast.

My family went to Wonderland and it was my best memory. It was so fun. We went on a roller coaster and I found out that I was scared of heights. I want viewer to see the fun I had at the theme park.  


Best Day of My Life before COVID.

This art shows the activities and my experiences in the ball pit in a mall.

This painting shows what happened during my trip to a lake. It recounts my incident where I tripped and fell into the lake.
I was inspired by all of the things I like to do!

My artwork is inspired by a trip to a lake I took. The sea gulls kept bugging us for our food!

I was inspired by a camping trip when we heard a wolf.

My name is Connor and I love art. I look at it in my head and do the art that I see. And then I draw it out with a pastel and then paint it.
My name is Connor and I love art. I look at it in my head and do the art that I see. And then I draw it out with a pastel and then paint it.

My story is about going on a water park on the field trip Because I like going on the waterpark I think it was so much fun Playing alone.

My art piece is a memory of when my sister lost a special item. My intention was for it to be an art piece that shows fear but also kindness.

I want people to view my art because It nice and it is about candy so that’s why the background color is green and yellow. Because I choked on a candy.

My art piece was created to commemorate the love I had for my cat named Jake. I intended for it to show a memory of love and kindness.

I wish that viewer that looked at my art and understood what my storys intention was. My art is about expressing myself. I choose to include ladies that looked like models because they were beautiful. The colours in my are mixed with orange and blue.
My painting is about when I started liking these things like Pokemon, Lego and Mario. The colours I chose are my favourite colours. I want people who look at my painting to feel interested.
I made my painting about me going to the beach with my family and we were looking at the water.
I wish that my viewers that look at my painting will see the story inside my painting and understand why I painted it like that. My intention for people who see my art piece is to understand if they believe hard enough the thing you want will come to you as my wish is that my dog would come out alive and be okay. My story is about how my dog got very sick in the summer and had to have treatment which was 18,000 dollars so we took a loan out of the bank and get her treatment, but we had to start a go fund me to pay back the bank, in the end she came home safe, and we were so glad because we believed it could happen and tried our best to save her! The reason I used those colors is because it looked like throw up when mixed together and when she was sick she wouldn’t eat but throw up alot.
I want people who see my art piece to see how good it is and understand what I mean.

The Universe

This is a painting of the a galaxy and there is an alien water balloon floating in space. This painting is important because its been a long time since i did acrylic painting and it was exciting when i got to do it again.

The Universe

This is a painting of the a galaxy and there is an alien water balloon floating in space. This painting is important because its been a long time since i did acrylic painting and it was exciting when i got to do it again.

The Sledding Event

This painting is about when I went sledding with my family. This painting is important to me because I enjoy sledding and I also enjoy spending time with my family.


This is a painting of an ocean. This is important to me because I like the ocean.

This is the reasons why I like my art. First it’s very basic and which I like. Second it has animals because I really like animals. That’s why there’s lots of animals but not all of the stuff I like because I don’t like having a tea party with mice in real life. The reason why I drew all of these is because this is part of an art program and the reason the image is small is because I like to draw small stuff and it has words that describe me in the background.


This is a painting of an ocean. This is important to me because I like the ocean.

My art is to let people know that they’re good enough for people and to never let other people’s words bring you down. People should never believe in yourself like you’re nothing.

My piece is a windy day on the hills. I got inspired by a time when my family and I went outside and a tree fell down because it was very windy so that’s why I painted a tilted tree and the three hearts represent my family. Something that means a lot to me in my art piece are the math equations because I love math. I also added a basketball which represents sports because I like to be energetic. I also added different colours in the hills because I like to make my drawings realistic, cartoon or both!

What inspired me to make this art piece was when me and my mum went to Japan and saw blossom trees so I took the mixture of purple and blue to make a beautiful color and it also represents when I had eaten the freshest and most colorful peach. It was tasty and treasureful. I had so and I wanted so much more but it was just samples and I want people to think that it’s ugly but it takes time so in a bad way it’s a piece of art.

My art is about me and it is my favorite things in school which could be gym and it could be art or DPA. I want my viewer to know about me like what my favorite thing in school is and so the viewer knows about the art. I will say the story is about me. My first favorite thing in school is Gym and second is Art and my third is DPA and that is my favourite things in school.

My artwork is about my trip to Niagara Falls. I want people to feel happy and feel good and maybe just remind themselves if they go on the boat tour, to avoid the bird poop.
My painting is about when I went to America with my mom, dad and my aunt and uncle. I want people who see my painting to appreciate how amazing America is.
The message my art communicates is that happiness that comes from the fun things that you can do in Vancouver. You can eat amazing food, where some of the best tasting pizza can be found. The waterfall is a beautiful place where you can see many amazing animals like different fish and frogs. There is also a huge light show that you can go see as well. The story my art tells is that Vancouver is a nice and calm place that I went to during the winter break. The intention I want people to have when they see my art is that you should visit Vancouver.
I went to Miami and saw dolphins. I want the viewers of my art to feel jealous.