Living with Art – Group Booking

Accessible Program for Adults Living with Exceptionalities

Offered to organized and private groups, Living with Art is a series of interactive programs supporting experiential learning and skill development through guided art and nature explorations, hands-on workshops and enjoyable social activities.
Each three-hour session features a distinctive theme and includes in-gallery art-viewing, outdoor discovery, and studio artmaking.

Designed for young adults (18+) living with exceptionalities, Living with Art incorporates accessible tools, materials, and technologies, focusing on creative expression in a welcoming environment.

Each session is facilitated by an art instructor, two assistants, and up to two volunteers from the McMichael team.

 Group facilitator requirements

Participants are given the choice of enjoying these experiences independently or with support, however, the program is not a transfer of care program. Facilitators are responsible for the participant for the duration of the event.

  • Remain on the McMichael’s grounds or property during the event, even if the participant is independent.
  • Provide contact information to McMichael staff if leaving the event space during the duration of the program.

Group Booking information

  • For booking details and program inquires please contact Booking and Scheduling Coordinator at or through Inquiry Form.
  • Living With Art is a series of six sessions. Bi-weekly OR bi-monthly scheduling options are available.
  • While the program is offered as a series, upon discussion each session may be booked individually.
  • The Living With Art program is available for group bookings of up to 15 participants plus facilitators.
  • The program is designed to integrate in-gallery/outdoor experiences with studio activities onsite at the McMichael. Living With Art can also be booked as an in-classroom/offsite experience based solely on studio activities by request.

           Please dress accordingly for the weather as portions of these workshops will take place outdoors.

Program Descriptions per workshop

A Lens on Landscape

Workshop Description for participants: 

Participants will visit the Gallery, discovering a selected series of landscape paintings from the McMichael’s collection while exploring spaces that were once a part of the McMichaels’ home. The group will continue outdoors to view the breathingtaking landscape of the Humber River Valley before settling into the studio for a creative session creating I watercolour landscape paintings!

Clay Works

Workshop Description for participants:

This workshop explores the indoor and outdoor sculptures at the McMichael, In the studio, participants will make their own 3D artworks using clay.

Paint with Texture

Workshop Description for participants: 

Participants will examine how artists express ideas using thick (impasto) paints. The workshop will begin with an exploration of the gallery spaces with several creative, hands-on activities, followed by an engaging studio session creating nature-inspired artworks.


Workshop Description for participants:

This workshop explores the stone cut printmaking method through photos, artwork, and hands-on activities. Participants will create their own individual prints using this special artistic process.

The Shape of Things

Workshop Description for participants: 

This workshop explores a variety of artistic styles to discover how artists can create and use different shapes in their artwork to express certain ideas. In the studio, participants will use paper and a variety of design tools, drawing techniques and colouring materials to express their ideas in their own artwork focussing on the use of unique shapes.

Scratch Painting

Workshop Description for participants: 

This workshop is a focussed examination of how artists use colour and dramatic lines in their paintings. Participants will explore the historic Tom Thomson Shack and learn about its history. Returning to the studio, they will learn to create a personal ‘scratch’ (sgraffito) painting using an assortment of inscribing tools.