Art of Inclusion

In 2014, the McMichael Canadian Art Collection released The Art of Inclusion: Seven Steps – A Guide to Developing and Delivering Accessible and Inclusive Programs within Arts and Cultural Organizations, a new industry guideline based on the results of the gallery’s EnAbling Change Project with the Government of Ontario. The two-year project revolved around two key priorities: developing and implementing inclusive art programs in an environment that directly supports individuals’ needs, and producing a guide based on those experiences.

The Art of Inclusion and its seven-step process—a nod to the Group of Seven painters—will assist other arts and culture organizations in developing and implementing their own accessible initiatives, and demonstrate the overall benefits of engaging visitors through specialized programs.

Click here to view the PDF of The Art of Inclusion: Seven Steps – A Guide to Developing and Delivering Accessible and Inclusive Programs within Arts and Cultural Organizations. 

Accessibility Standards for Customer Service

The McMichael Canadian Art Collection is in compliance with the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service (Ontario Regulation 429/07) under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) 2005.

The McMichael Canadian Art Collection is committed to using reasonable efforts to ensure the organization and its services are accessible to persons with varying disabilities, consistent with the core principles of independence, dignity, integration and equality of opportunity.

All documents required under the customer service standard are available upon request.

Mobility and/or Wheelchair Accessibility

All our galleries and facilities are wheelchair accessible, under regular operations. If there is a disruption in accessibility, it will be stated in the space “Disruptions in Service” below.

People with reduced mobility may be dropped off at the main entrance of the gallery by their driver as long as the driver informs the parking booth attendant upon arrival.

There is elevator and ramp access between lower and upper-level galleries, and the McMichael Café. Wheelchairs are available at the gallery on a first-come, first-served basis; visitors may inquire about wheelchairs at the gallery’s Admission Desk.

Family and Wheelchair-accessible Washrooms

A wheelchair-accessible washroom is located on every floor.  If a special needs individual has a support worker of the opposite sex, either the male or the female washroom can be utilized: to ensure protection of privacy, please advise the respective Gallery Guide prior to entering.


People who are visually impaired should note that certain gallery spaces are dimly lit, in order to protect some of the light-sensitive works in the collection.

Assistive Devices

If you have a personal assistive device or special requirement(s), please advise our Admissions staff upon arrival, and they will ensure supportive internal communications and that you can take your supporting need(s) with you as you enjoy the artwork.

The Admission Desk will require that you check all backpacks, computer bags, umbrellas, food and beverage, for no cost upon entrance. Extra bags put artwork at risk, particularly in tight gallery spaces. Food and beverages are also hazardous to art, so we kindly ask that unless it is a special requirement, you enjoy your food and beverages before entering gallery spaces.


photograph of rear view of woman walking in hallway

Support Person and/or Service Animal

Admission is free for attendants who accompany a person with a disability. The gallery also allows admission into the building for guide or service animals accompanying a person who requires special assistance.


When communicating with a person with a disability, the McMichael service provider will aim to do so in a manner that takes into account the needs and circumstances of the individual with the disability. Our gallery staff are given training on various disabilities and potential alternate means of communication. Where required, our staff will aim to make the original communication more accessible by adapting to the needs of the person with the disability.

If there is a way in which we can enhance our communications, please advise the respective McMichael provider directly and/or complete the Visitor Comment Card found at our Admissions desk, or via the “contact us” link below.

Disruptions in Service

If there is a disruption in facilities or services that are specifically used by persons with disabilities, a notice of the disruption will be posted in this space on our website and at Admissions Front desk entrance. The notice will state the reason for the disruption, how long it is expected to last, and what alternate facilities or services exist, if any.

Please inquire at the Admission Desk upon your arrival or call our Receptionist in advance at 905.893.1121, ext. 0 with any questions.


If you have any questions or comments, please complete a Visitor Comment Card located at the Admission Desk or contact us by email. All comments are logged and responded directly to the contact information provided.

Website Access

The McMichael gallery is committed to making its website as accessible as possible for users with disabilities. Information presented on the website is available in text format on request.

Standards Compliance

We have made every effort for pages on this site to meet the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 , level A.

All pages on this site validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional, use valid Cascading Style Sheets, level 2 (CSS2), and use structured semantic markup. i.e. h1 elements are used for main titles, h2 and h3 elements for subtitles.


Links are written to make sense out of context. Some links make use of title attributes which describe the link in greater detail, unless the text of the link already fully describes the target.

Navigation aids

A consistent style of presentation on each page (including use of navigational menus, content and promotional areas) allows users to navigate the site more easily. In addition a link to skip over the navigation is available on each page to aid screen reader users.


All content images used in this site include descriptive alternative text (“alt”) attributes. Purely decorative graphics include null “alt” attributes.

Visual Design

This site uses cascading style sheets for visual layout. The visual design and site code allows users the ability to increase (or decrease) their text size. (To increase your text size in Internet Explorer select the “View” menu, then “Text Size” and “larger” or “largest”)

If the user’s browser or user agent does not support styles sheets, the content of each page is still readable.

Accessibility Policies and Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

This 2014-21 accessibility plan outlines the policies and actions that the McMichael Canadian Art Collection will put in place to improve opportunities for people with disabilities.

Download Accessibility Plan
Download Annual Status Report