Gallery Guidelines

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

The McMichael has implemented a number of safety protocols to help keep visitors safe and healthy as they reconnect with the art of Canada. Please refer to our FAQ page for the latest information on how to stay safe on your next visit.

These tips and explanations will allow you to make the most of your visit to the McMichael.

Help us Protect the Art

Please do not touch the artwork. Keep a safe distance of 1 m (39 in.) between you and the works of art. Please do not run in the Gallery spaces. We ask that you keep your voices to a conversation-level to respect the experience of other guests and groups.

Coats, Umbrellas, Bags, and Backpacks

Visitors may carry one bag, such as a purse. Bags cannot be carried on your back. Bags, knapsacks, briefcases and parcels larger than 45 x 40 x 15 cm (18 x 16 x 6 in.) are not permitted in the galleries; please leave such items at home or in your vehicle. Storage lockers are available in the cloakroom located at the main entrance in the Grand Hall. All bags entering or leaving the Gallery are subject to inspection by Security staff.


The McMichael allows photography for personal use only, and only where indicated. There will be signs in each gallery to let you know whether photography is allowed, and if in doubt, please feel free to ask one of our Guides. We ask that you respect the rights of artists and their representatives under Canadian copyright law. For more information on Canadian copyright law, visit

Review our Photography Guidelines.

Food and Drink

Food and drink are not permitted in the galleries. Sealed water bottles and baby bottles are allowed into gallery spaces but must be consumed in designated water break spots positioned outside of the gallery spaces.


Pets are not permitted in the Gallery, but you are welcome to enjoy the grounds with your animal, and service animals, such as seeing eye dogs, are allowed into the Gallery.

Cell Phones

Please turn your cell phone to silent or the vibrate setting and be respectful of other visitors when using your cell phone.


Sketching is permitted in the Gallery with pencil only, as is note-taking.

On Wheels

Strollers are welcome in gallery spaces. Or you may leave your stroller in our stroller parking area in the coat room to the right of the lobby. Bikes, helmets, skateboards, skate shoes, Rollerblades and scooters are not permitted. Please note that lockers are currently available for use.

Video Surveillance

For the protection of visitors, staff and works of art, the Gallery is monitored by video surveillance.