Food & Drink

We are excited to announce the reopening of the McMichael Café as the newly launched CABIN

Inspired by the landscape of the surrounding Humber River Valley, as well as the McMichael’s unparalleled collection of Canadian art, CABIN’s interior was designed by award-winning Toronto Denizens of Design to evoke the creativity that has inspired Canadian artists both past and present. The McMichael is pleased to have partnered with acclaimed Canadian hospitality institution Food Dudes to offer visitors a carefully curated selection of delectable, classic dishes made with the finest, locally sourced ingredients. CABIN offers a carefully curated selection of classic meals in an unmatched environment. Debit and credit only. Please note that CABIN is not currently accepting reservations.

If you have any additional questions regarding the restaurant, please contact us.


Restaurant Hours

*Note: restaurant hours may vary due to scheduled events. All food menu items are available from 11 am -4 pm. Only pastries are available between 10 - 11 am and 4 - 5 pm.